Liturgical Prayers

Congregation Beth El Gibor's Liturgical praise and worship embraces the worship style of our Jewish Messiah, Yeshua. As Yeshua worshipped in the Temple and the synagogue 2,000 years ago. Hebrew liturgical worship is not focused  on the individual but focused on the Lord. The prayers that are chanted (sung) is a blend of the ancient (over 3,000 years), and the old (2,000 years) and some modern Messianic prayers that are Yeshua specific. The prayers are also spoken in English because we are an English speaking congregation.

Why Hebrew you may ask. Hebrew is the language given to the Jewish people by Adonai (Lord). It is the Lashon Hakodesh (Holy Tongue) that has a special anointing to it and is the language used in the Hebrew Bible. It is the language that Yeshua (Jesus) used (and uses!) when He chants the traditional Jewish liturgical prayers. The experience of many visitors for the first time is a great blessing as they hear our Messiah's prayer language brought to life by the faithful, indeed there is an anointing that cannot be found in any other language!

Come and experience worship that can be another way to learn about and understand our Lord and Savior!

Ahdoan Ohlam (Master Of The Universe)
Ahlaynoo (It Is Our Duty) & V'neh-eh-mahr (And It Is Said)
Ahvot (Fathers)
Ain Kaylowhaynoo (There Is None Like Our God)
Ayn Chamoecha
Aytz Chayeem He (It Is A Tree Of Life)
Barchoo (Bless)
Breet Chadasha Opening Blessing
Breet Chadasha Closing Blessing
Ehlohaynoo V'ehlohay Ahvotaynoo (Our God And God Of Our Fathers)
Geebore Adonai (The Might Of God)
Geelee M'ode (Rejoice Greatly)
The Hamotzee (The Blessing Over The Bread)
The Hahftorah Opening Blessing
The Hahftorah Closing Blessing
Harooach V'hakala (The Spirit And The Bride)
Hodoo L'Adonai (Give Thanks To The Lord)
K'doosha (The Sanctification Prayer)
L'cha Doedee (Come My Beloved)
L'choo N'ra-n'na L'Adonai (O' Come Let Us Sing To The Lord)
L'ma-an Tzeeown (For Zion's Sake)
Ma Toevoo (How Lovely)
Magain Ahvote (Our Father's Shield)
Me Chamoecha (Who Is Like Thee?)
Meezmore L'Daveed (Psalm 23)
Neesgav Adonai (The Lord Is Exalted)
Ooshavtem Mayeem (You Shall Draw Forth Water)
Shalom Ahlaychem (Peace Be Unto You)
Shema Yisrael (Hear O' Israel) with V'ahhavta L'rayahcha (And You Should Love Your Neighbor)
The Blessing Of The Shofar
Showchain-Odd Marome (He Who Abides Forever)
The Blessing Of The Messiah
The Erev Shabbat Kedoosh (The Erev Shabbat Sanctification Prayer)
The Kadeesh
The Torah Opening Blessing
The Torah Closing Blessing
V'shamroo V'nay Yisrael (And The Children Of Israel Shall Keep)
V'zote Hatorah
Vay'hee Beensoah Haahrone (When The Ark Would Travel)
Yeeshtabahch Sheemcha (May Your Name Be Praised)