Shalom my brothers and sisters,

We have been meeting in person again since Shabbat 05-30-2020. Service starts at 10:30 AM.

Till further notice everyone attending will be required to: 

1. Wear a mask. You will not be allowed in without a mask. (Please bring your own mask)

2.Once you are seated in the sanctuary and are 6 feet from others who are not part of your immediate family you may take your mask off. When you get up to move to any other part of the sanctuary you must put your mask back on. .

3. Use Hand Sanitizer often. (We are asking everyone to please bring their own bottle.

3. One person in the bathroom at the time. (One Parent may go into the bathroom with their child) 

4. We will be taking everyone's temperature at the door with a contactless thermometer. You will not be able to enter till your temperature is taken. Anyone with a fever will not be able to enter. 

5. Food can be brought to enjoy during Oneg after service. It must be a bagged lunch that does not need refrigeration. 

6. Continue practicing Social Distancing. No physical touching

- Rabbi Mark & Rabbi Eduardo

Congregation Beth El Gibor


1555 Linwood Street
Bethlehem, PA 18017

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