Shabbat morning services are every week beginning at 10:30 am and run approximately 3 hours. 

Our Shabbat morning service is centered around the Torah readings (The Tanach and Brit Chadashah - the New Covenant).  We believe the whole Word of God is Torah, the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation.


Our service is a blend of traditional Hebrew liturgical worship  (also done in English) along with music, singing and praise, both traditional and contemporary. The teaching of the Word through the Rabbis messages follow a Torah Service lead by the Ruach (Spirit) 


Come and hear the blowing of the Shofar and the Word of the Lord!

All Services are Yeshua centered, as He is our reason for coming together.

Oneg (luncheon) follows every service for a time of feasting and Schmoozing (fellowship).
It would be a blessing that when bringing food to share at oneg (luncheon), that you would arrive at least 10 minutes before service begins so that you can set up your crock pot or other dish. This way everybody can begin worshipping together on time/.


Children are welcome to our services. The children are excused after the Torah service to take part in Shabbat school, we offer 3 age appropriate groups.