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For children ages 5 to 12, we provide a fun, yet thorough Shabbat School experience. Every Shabbat, children participate in corporate worship, during the Shabbat morning service, and are then excused for school. We teach worship etiquette and protocol, basic Hebrew letters and words, and cover Bible basics. Children are taught Yeshua and His sacrifice is God’s plan for humanity through fun and interactive lessons.

Class begins at the start of the message and will end after the Aaronic Benediction.

Jr. Shabbat School Vision Statement:

“Train up a child in the way that he should go”. Our vision is that through our Shabbat School program, our children would find A’donai manifested through Yeshua as a real and active presence in their lives through his Word, each other, and their congregational family. We strive to teach the vision of our congregation and congregational life as it relates to their young minds.

For youth 13 and above Sr. Shabbat School is a place where our young people will be stimulated study, as well as, apply the Word of the Lord to their lives. Teachings will be presented with the backdrop typically coming from the weekly Torah, Haftarah and Ketuvei HaShalichim portions. The Word will be delivered on their level and for them specifically. Youth are asked to embrace our teachings on worship etiquette, as well as, read the weekly Torah portion so they will be better prepared for corporate Shabbat morning worship and equipped to receive the Shabbat message. Discussions and questions on the Shabbat message are encouraged and should be presented in a respectful and orderly fashion.

Sr. Shabbat School is held almost every Shabbat morning. Class begins when the youth are dismissed from the sanctuary upon completion of the Torah Service and will end after the Aaronic Benediction.

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Teens and young adults come together to express their love for the Lord and to edify each other in a messianic context. Activities include a youth service with worship time, team building experiences, peer edification exercises and community service to the congregation and an outreach to the adjacent community at large.

Youth Group Mission Statement:

“We exist to enjoy building relationships with each other and learning to define and defend our faith by doing activities, including team building, socialization, peer counseling and worship, that encourage us to live a positive and more holy life so that we can help each other overcome our personal struggles and temptations while serving Yeshua and doing his work and will in the community of the congregation and beyond.”

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